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“There are speakers, and then there are SPEAKERS. Tyler overdelivers and is someone you want to listen to again and again.…I highly recommend him as a convention and/or keynote speaker.” — Felice GerwitzMedia Angels & The Ultimate Homeschool Expo

My most-requested talks


Cover_HistoryHistory Starts Here: Digging into the Past

Understanding the times starts with understanding times past—but teaching history is hard, right? It doesn’t have to be. This workshop will show you how to make history fun, relevant, and memorable—from the ancients to modern days. Dig into timelines, maps, hands-on projects, teaching methods, and more! Learn how to ignite your students’ love of learning and marvel at the hand of God together through your study of history.


Cover_GeographyLoving Geography—Even If You Can’t Fold a Map!

Geography is one of the most undertaught subjects, but in a world that is increasingly global-minded, where long distance is a thing of the past, it is perhaps one of the most crucial topics for us to understand. The good news is that the study of the earth—its structure and inhabitants—is not only fascinating but also easy to integrate into your homeschool. In this workshop, you will find a vision for teaching geography, as well as creative, enjoyable ways to enhance your teaching in every subject.



Confessions of a Homeschool Graduate

Tyler Hogan graduated homeschool and went to college when he was 16. During his college and young adult years, he made some really stupid mistakes (and stumbled onto a few things that worked out really well). You will hear frank and timely words about busting stereotypes, owning your faith, navigating relationships, and how not to wreck your life after homeschool. (Teens and Parents)


Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs at Home

Are you or your teens looking for some extra cash? Want to get some great experience with work and finances? Then entrepreneurship may be for you! Come learn the ins and outs of home business formation, growth, and management from the ground up. Whether you’re looking to build your product, service, ministry, or web-based enterprise, you will find great ideas, resources, and scriptural principles to help you on your way. (Teens and Parents)


Cover_Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages: Teaching Kids Media Discernment

Movies and music are the languages of this generation—but what does Scripture say about how we should interact with the good, the bad, and the ugly in our culture? How do we teach kids to think about the arts from a biblical worldview? With concrete examples and easy-to-apply principles, this workshop provides valuable tools that anyone can use. You will be challenged to grow in wisdom and grace as you choose and appreciate movies, books, music, and more.


Cover_WritingWriting Boot Camp for the Almost-Graduated

Don’t settle for being a pretty good writer—become an outstanding communicator! Whether you’re polishing a bibliography for that 10-page research paper you just wrote or you’re putting your résumé together for the job fair on Tuesday, college- and career-bound homeschoolers need impeccable writing skills. This workshop will explain what skills colleges and employers expect and give you a game plan for mastering them.



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Tyler Hogan is the president of Bright Ideas Press. He and his wife, Helen, are both homeschool graduates and now homeschool their five adorable children. Tyler is the author of North Star Geography, head cartographer of WonderMaps, and game designer of Civitas. He is an elder at Grace Church, where he also serves as Christian Education Coordinator. When not at home, he speaks and teaches about homeschooling, geography, the arts, worldview, entrepreneurship, and other topics. In his spare time, he loves reading good books, playing games with friends, drinking good tea, and enjoying the adventure of lifelong learning. He has a BA in theatre ministries from Belhaven University.


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“There are speakers, and then there are SPEAKERS. Tyler overdelivers and is someone you want to listen to again and again. His passion for his topic transcends generational lines. He is engaging and truly cares about the Lord, which is evident to anyone who meets him. Tyler is one of my keynote speakers at the Ultimate Homeschool Expo and a favorite of the listeners. I highly recommend him as a convention and/or keynote speaker.” — Felice Gerwitz, Media Angels & The Ultimate Homeschool Expo

“He is an outstanding teacher whose classes have been engaging and informative for all participants.…I am confident that you will be pleased with the decision to include him in your conference as a speaker or teacher.” — Brad Jacob, Professor of Law at Regent University

“I took 4 master’s level entrepreneurial and business classes for the same synopsis!” —MassHOPE attendee