About Tyler

Tyler HoganI love geography. The world around us is fascinating. The places, the people, the events… There’s just so much to learn!

I’m a map geek. I started drawing maps when I was 4 years old. My first atlas was made on tracing paper as my dad’s father’s day gift. As a teenager, I started designing cartography for books like The Mystery of History. Since then, I’ve put together a compilation of my best and favorite maps called WonderMaps. If you like maps like I do, then you’ll love it!

As a homeschool graduate, and now a homeschooling dad myself, I’m always looking for the most engaging ways to teach my kids. I wrote a book called North Star Geography to help other parents and teachers pass on a love of geography to their own students. It’s a highschool level class that covers geography skills, physical geography, and human geography.

All my kids are still little, but I want them to know all they can about our world, and to have a heart to love and serve the world like Jesus did. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

This Site

TylerHogan.com is where I talk about geography, homeschooling, books, and Jesus. You can also check out my speaker packet if you’d like me to speak at your event (live or online).

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I grew up in Dover, Delaware. My parents homeschooled my older bother brother and me through High School. We’ve been members of the same PCA church since I was three. During High School, I interned and traveled the country with AIM International, performing and giving workshops in mime and ministry. I went to Belhaven University where I earned my B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in Ministries. While at Belhaven I also got to travel with the Joshua Squad to Italy, Switzerland, and India, and do an apprenticeship with PUSH Physical Theatre.

After college, I married Helen. We had been friends since we were teenagers, went to Belhaven together, and fell in love Senior year. We immediately started making babies. Kaylee was our honeymoon baby, followed by Avalon and Sierra the over the next 3 years. Having grown up in a house with only boys, I find the world of little girls both strange and hilarious. We’re getting ready to welcome our first little boy, Aiden, this fall!

I started working at BrightIdeasPress right after school as well. Well, really I had started working there when I was twelve, but I wasn’t full-time (it’s my parent’s company). I manage all of our new products and got to launch our digital publishing division and our intern program. I also developed WonderMaps and North Star Geography and am working on some other super-fun projects.

Of course, studying geography does me no good unless it instills a deeper love for God and Man. In 2011, after reading When Helping Hurts, I started becoming more aware of the real needs in my own town. I began volunteering to help my pastor launch Grace for Dover, and in 2013 I became its first employee. It’s such an exciting way to love the people in my own region.