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Civitas is a card game about different forms of government. Pass laws, solidify your leadership, and rule the table in this smart, fast-paced game. Mix-and-match the 8 included decks to rule in a:

  • Democracy
  • Monarchy
  • Communism
  • Theocracy
  • Plutocracy
  • Military
  • Republic
  • Anarchy


  • Ages 10 to Adult.
  • Play time: 5 Minutes to an hour.
  • Minimal setup/cleanup.
  • Box includes 225 Playing cards, 12 leadership cards, and simple rules.

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Who else wants to make government class fun for the whole family? Teaching government can be boring, needlessly political, and often goes right over pre-teen’s heads.  This can turn kids off from voting—a far cry from encouraging them to get involved in their own government. Additionally, civics classes are often so American-centric, they idolize the republic while completely skipping over other types of government around the world!

When I was teaching high school geography, I was dreading the unit on government. I needed something that would keep the eyes of a dozen high schoolers from glazing over.  It needed to be fun, fast-paced, and hands-on, all while demonstrating important concepts from the lesson plans. That’s when I started working on Civitas, the government card game.

Since then, the folks who’ve played it can’t stop telling me how much their families love it! Whether they play a 5-minute round or wind up playing for hours at a time, they all say the same thing: “We love this game!”

Of course, as a parent, I’m looking for kids to have more than fun—I want them to learn too. That’s why Civitas uses a rich vocabulary that prompts questions and discussion. (We also have a glossary for each term if you’d care to browse it.) We also have a set of articles here on the website that discuss some of the terms and concepts in more detail. (See the Civitas Resources Page.)

What people are saying:

Hand of cards“Honestly, any game that has my college kid, my high school kid, my middle school kid, and my elementary kid playing together and unplugged from electronics… that’s a huge win for this homeschooling mom!”
—Stacey Lane,

“Got to say that we *thoroughly* enjoyed it. This is a winner. It kept everyone (of all ages) engaged constantly in the game.”
—Hal and Melanie Young,

“Civitas is an engaging way to immerse yourselves in forms of government. Not only do you get to behave as a government would, you get to do it in a fun, fast paced card game with multiple rounds.”
—Heather Woodie,


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