Demystifying Learning Styles




How to Fully Understand Your Child’s Learning Style

Demystifying Learning Styles: What Every Homeschool Parent Needs to Know

Helping our children learn can be challenging. Often, the methods that worked for us in school don’t seem to work for our kids. A lesson we review ad nauseam is forgotten the next day, and we’re met with a blank expression or “I don’t remember ever talking about that.” It can feel like we and our kids are speaking different languages while we teach.

In this book, you will

  • learn the difference between modalities and intelligence.
  • know how to talk with their kids about multi-tasking during their schoolwork.
  • learn what to look for when choosing curriculum and textbooks.
  • discover strategies for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners.
  • discover a framework for choosing what classes to take and what to skip.

You will also

  • finally understand when, how, and why to use your children’s learning modalities.
  • understand how your child’s learning space effects their concentration.
  • bust common and harmful learning-style myths.

If you are a parent, teacher, homeschooler, grandparent, child care worker—pretty much anyone who is raising, educating, and/or interacting with children—you will benefit from this book.


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