Evaluating your Child’s Writing – Objectively

Quick Summary

You want your student to become an outstanding communicator, but how do you objectively evaluate their essays and reports? Whether you are a pro at English composition or embarrassed by your own writing, the truth is you can effectively — and objectively — evaluate and grade your student’s writing. This interative workshop will cover simple tools and rubrics that overcome parental bias and get to the heart of good non-fiction writing and give you a game plan for mastering them. We’ll even practice using them during the workshop, and answer your burning questions.


We’ll cover four learning style insights that can power your teaching:

  1. Establish Clear Expectations
    We’ll discover how to write rubrics and grading scales, and how to talk through them with your students.
  2. Instruct
    Using our rubric, we’ll explore how to teach so our students can succeed; how to develop helpful assignments; and how to teach your child to edit.
  3. Evaluate
    We will practice using our rubrics and share feedback, and also discuss the nitty-gritty of receiving papers and grading.


Ideal for parents and teachers of middle school through high school.



This is a 1-hour interactive workshop (including Q&A). It requires tables for attendees to work and copies of the handouts.


Download the sample rubrics here:


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