Demystifying Learning Styles

Quick Summary

Your children have their own learning styles — but are you making the most of them? What’s the difference between Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetic modalities, multiple intelligences, and environmental preferences? In this research-fueled, insightful seminar, Tyler will explain how to leverage your child’s unique learning style to build lasting and meaningful memories.


We’ll cover four learning style insights that can power your teaching:

  1. The Power of Memory
    We’ll discover how our brains take in new information, and what can get in the way.
  2. The Power of Concentration
    We’ll dive into cognitive load, and cover helpful strategies for creating a good learning environment from Dunn and Dunn’s environmental preferences research.
  3. The Power of Motivation
    We’ll cover the Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetic modalities, how they should (and shouldn’t) be used, and common myths about modalities.
  4. The Power of Curriculum.
    We’ll learn how to identify good curriculum, and how to better test and assess our children.
  5. The Power of Growth (Bonus)
    If the time slot is long enough, we can also cover Multiple Intelligence Theory, the Growth Mindset, and some key insights that will help us appreciate our children and plan our year.


Ideal for parents and teachers of all ages. Homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike will enjoy this talk.


This talk can be given as a workshop or workshop series (1–3 hours); or an interview (60–90 minutes including a Q&A).


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