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Beyond Testing: Alternative Assessment Methods

Does your child “not test well”? Are you tired of tests that don’t really help you understand your student’s achievement? There’s a better way to evaluate your students. In this workshop Tyler will show how to truly assess your child’s level of mastery using time-tested evaluation tools. You’ll leave this session able to ask your student better questions, and design projects and problems that get to the heart of the material. We’ll use the classic Bloom’s Taxonomy to gain insight into your student’s depth of learning. These tools are especially useful for parents of auditory and kinesthetic learners, and those with special needs and learning challenges.

Writing Bootcamp

Don’t settle for being a pretty good writer—become an outstanding communicator! Whether you’re crafting your research paper, polishing your résumé for a job fair, or circulating a newsletter or blog, you need impeccable writing skills. This workshop will identify the skills colleges and employers are desperately seeking and give you a game plan for mastering them.

Suitable for teenagers and those who teach them.

Curating Your Child’s Education

You’ve taken responsibility for your child’s education. But how do you know which textbooks, educational opportunities, or classes are the best choices? What should you teach yourself, and what might you delegate? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to be a good curator of your child’s education and how best to use all the tools at your disposal. We will discuss the pros and cons of co-ops, online classes, dual enrollment, and many other learning options so that you can make optimal decisions for your family.

Geography for the Rest of Us

Geography is more than memorizing GDP and climate zones, but sometimes the most interesting parts get buried under the facts and figures. The good news is that the study of the earth—its structure and inhabitants—is not only fascinating but also easy to integrate into your homeschool. Whether you’re a map enthusiast or can’t tell an atlas from an almanac, in this workshop you will find a vision for teaching geography, as well as creative, enjoyable ways to enhance your homeschool.

History Starts Here

Do you struggle with helping your kids love history? Does it feel like a muddled mess of names, dates, and badly colored timeline figures? It doesn’t have to be. This workshop will show you how to bring clarity, depth, and excitement to your history studies. We’ll dig into timelines, maps, hands-on projects, teaching methods, and more! You’ll learn how to ignite your students’ love of learning and marvel at the hand of God together as you make history—from the ancients to modern days—fun, relevant, and memorable.

Objectively Evaluating Your Students’ Writing

You want your students to become outstanding communicators, but how do you objectively evaluate their essays and reports? Whether you are a pro at English composition or embarrassed by your own writing, the truth is that you can effectively—and objectively—evaluate and grade your students’ writing. This interactive workshop will teach you how to make and use rubrics that overcome parental bias and get to the heart of good nonfiction writing. We’ll even practice using them during the workshop and answer your burning questions.

Demystifying Learning Styles: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Your children have their own learning styles—but are you making the most of them? What’s the difference between Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetic modalities, multiple intelligences, and environmental preferences? In this research-fueled, insightful seminar, Tyler will explain how to leverage your children’s unique learning styles to build lasting and meaningful educational memories.