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Demystifying Learning Styles: Growth and Goals (Part 3 of 3)

We all want our kids to grow, but how do people grow? What does it mean to be intelligent? Can we become smarter? In this workshop, we’ll look at Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences in conjunction with educational psychology to answer these questions. We’ll discuss the growth mindset and how to foster it in our children, as well as examine our own philosophies of education and how they help us make decisions about our learning goals and activities. Finally, we’ll explore how to choose curriculum that helps our kids grow in the best ways possible.

Demystifying Learning Styles: Modalities and Motivation (Part 2 of 3)

Are your students visual, auditory, or kinesthetic? What does that mean for them and for you as their teacher? How can you harness their preferred learning modalities to help them engage and learn? In this workshop, we’ll discover what these modalities mean, learn how to use them (and when not to), and bust common modality myths. We’ll discuss when to accommodate and when to challenge your students’ preferred modalities and how to use their natural learning preferences to motivate them.

Demystifying Learning Styles: Memory and Concentration (Part 1 of 3)

What does it take to make a memory? How can we help our students retain what they learn? Why are our kids so easily distracted? These are crucial questions every teacher must be able to answer. In this workshop, we’ll explore the science of memory and concentration, learn how to balance our students’ cognitive loads, and identify which study strategies pay off (and which don’t). In the process, we’ll learn how to help build a learning environment that suits our kids’ unique learning styles and figure out what to say when they want to multitask while they study. These strategies are essential for every teacher!

Demystifying Learning Styles: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Your children have their own learning styles—but are you making the most of them? What’s the difference between Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetic modalities, multiple intelligences, and environmental preferences? In this research-fueled, insightful seminar, Tyler will explain how to leverage your children’s unique learning styles to build lasting and meaningful educational memories.