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Confessions of a Homeschool Graduate

Wondering how you’ll fare when you leave the nest? Whether you’re joining the workforce or the starting campus life, things are about to change. Tyler is a homeschool graduate who left home to attend college at age 16. In this workshop, he’ll share his experience, observations, and counsel to help you avoid common pitfalls and instead make the most of your newfound adulthood.

Commencement Address

Looking for words of wisdom and inspiration for your graduating class? Through scripture, age-old wisdom, and his own experience as a homeschool graduate (and now a homeschooling father), Tyler will share three gifts that will enable them to successfully navigate into adulthood.

~ 20 minutes.

2017 CHALC Graduation Address

What Is Enough?

Do you wrestle with guilt or anxiety that you’re not doing enough to prepare your kids for adulthood? Do you struggle with setting realistic goals or wonder if you’ll really be able to teach them everything they need to know? In this heartfelt keynote, we’ll address those concerns with simple, practical wisdom that will enable you to ditch the guilt, plan your next steps, and cultivate an enough identity grounded in Christ.